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FREE Disposal, Collection & Recycling

Whether you have a few items or a van load we can collect free of charge to recycle all of your I.T Equipment and WEEE Recycling. All metals and circuit board are recycled resulting in physical destruction. All hard drives are shredded and certificates provided. We offer a 48 hour turn around on collections and cover the Berkshire and North Hampshire area.


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Cycle Of Junk: Donate, Recycle, and Dispose Infographic
Mark Miller
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Who Should Have Mold Testing? Quicklytesting is quite possibly of the main thing you can do in your home or business environment. However a great many people contribute the gamble to a dark or green-hued improvement on their walls, there is something else to these microorganisms besides you might understand. This is a residing life form that is attacking your home and ordinarily, it is difficult to realize it is possiblen the event that you are managing any sort of hazard factor that could mean it is available, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to find a couple of ways to dispose of i

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